The Purity of the Womb and the Tomb

Photo credit: D. Scowden 12/2015

Jesus-born from the seed of a woman,
Came into the world from the virgin’s womb.
Nursed and nurtured from that same bosom,
To later come forth from a virgin tomb.

                 In Matthew 27:57-61 we read about the details of Jesus’ burial.  I wanted to know more so I read a Bible commentary that spoke of His virgin birth and His resurrection from a virgin tomb.  We know the virgin birth is one of a kind.  The fact that Jesus rose out of a virgin tomb was something I’d never thought of before, never really knew.

In a way that only God can, He showed me Jesus’ pure, undefiled majesty this morning.

Why is this so significant?  I think because I am the exact opposite.  Impure.  Defiled.  Plain and ordinary.  In these details, I’m given a different picture of Jesus.  One that has opened my eyes and heart to the great love He has for me, for you.  It’s not that I haven’t know His love for me before this morning.  It’s just that I am seeing it differently.

Humanity – broken and defiled by sin.  A treacherous, evil-hearted people, whom the Father loves so much that He brought forth, not just once, but twice, His innocent Son, from purity.  The ultimate price for me.

The purity of the womb and the tomb.  The undefiled nature of God.  The miraculous and majestic resurrected Christ.  A beautiful picture of the gift our Heavenly Father has given us.

On days that feel hopeless, dark and dreary, remember those few hours of utter darkness before Jesus gave up His Spirit.  Then the veil was torn, light was everywhere and for everyone. (from Matthew 27:45-54)  Close your eyes and imagine the scene.  Know that He did all of that just for you and me.

So, not matter what is going on in your life, the Lord knows, cares and will – take care of you.  He shows us in the beauty of His creation.

 The trees are barren
no life do I see.
The air is bitter
and cold.
Is there hope of life
outside?  I ponder.
In brokenness and strife
my heart wants to flee.

Yet in the quietness
of this winter,
I see a sign, a glimmer
of hope.
A bird is perched
on yonder branch.
Of life and love
will beauty enter.

I thank You, Lord
for this strife.
For the days of
winter and of cold.
Your hope is real
and true, and sure.
As true as when from
purity came your life.

The trees are barren,
life will unfold.
Of time I will
no longer fear.
In quiet moments
do I hear,
Your sweet song,
my hope it holds.




Author: debrascowden

I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, body and mind and delight in sharing Jesus with others through my poetry and photography.

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