Shoe Prints in the Sand

    As I was writing a post this evening, I found a file of drafts that I never completed nor posted.  This is one from about two years ago, maybe even a bit longer than that.  As the daughter I wrote about is going to be 13 in just a few months.  I am also certain that I took a picture of the prints from her shoes, but it must be on another computer.  I guess each post does not need a photograph.  I think most of us can imagine what a foot or shoe print looks like in the sand.


Written approximate two years ago.

We are taking a short family vacation on the southern Oregon coast.  My youngest, my baby and I went for a walk on the beach this morning.  She was on the hunt for shells and rocks.  I was on the look-out for an opportunity to use my camera.  Capture a scene or a moment.

     On our way back to the cottage, I looked down and saw her footprints in the sand.  My mind flashed back to a time not so long ago when these feet were small enough to fit easily in the palm of my hand.  They are now too big for that.  I hold her hand, and remember the first time I held it, the first time I saw her.  Almost eleven years ago.  Seems like yesterday.

     Back to her show prints.  I am a visual learner, visually inspired.  Her shoe prints made me feel, made me want…so much for her.

Walking on the beach on this sunny morn,
My youngest daughter close by my side.
I see the oceans water stir, I hear a fog horn,
My heart reflects my desire for her to abide.

I turn around and see the sight,
my baby’s shoeprints in the sand.
A day, a year or two or more,
Her tiny feet fit in my hand.

I watch as she diligently searches,
For treasures on the ground.
She is delighted with every find,
My delight in her abounds.

For her future I do pray,
that she will seek the Lord.
and will find delight in all He says,
His word will be her sword.

       It is still, to this day, and will be for as long as I’m alive, my fervent prayer that my daughter always seeks the Lord in all of her life’s decisions.  I love you more my sweet DDK.


Author: debrascowden

I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, body and mind and delight in sharing Jesus with others through my poetry and photography.

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